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mr self destruct

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poisoned to my rotten core



he/they, 20 (or maybe 200)

nowhere, usa perpetually stuck in the 1990s neocities' resident nine inch nails fan

call me reznor or just anarchysin. nicknames are welcome




COLORS: black, red, green

ANIMAL: bats, black cats, wolves

DRINKS: dr pepper, iced coffee, chocolate milk, peach cranberry juice

FOOD: blood (just kidding... or am i?)

BANDS: nine inch nails, skinny puppy, kmfdm, ministry, type o negative, filter, him, the cure, depeche mode, tool, a perfect circle, rammstein, slipknot, descendents

MOVIES: the crow, interview with the vampire, saw, the matrix, scream, se7en, donnie darko, manic, zero day, gregg araki's teen apocalypse trilogy, slc punk, hackers

"this is 1999. everyone has a webpage."