this is where i write my thoughts, observations, random shit, etc...


man i love the cure. that is all.


man i truly have nothing to write on here tbh... my life is boring i just watch tv and work on this site and draw.

however my eye has been twitching for like two weeks and it's so annoying, its probably from looking at my computer too long every night but i can't stop lmao


me vs loving music that sounds like someone dropped 20000 metal pipes onto concrete from the top floor of a skyscraper (lovingly).

also how the fuck is it almost june already why does time have to go by so fast waaaaaaa make it stop!!!!!


got new glasses today, not sure how to feel... they're clear with a slight purple tint which doesn't really go with my vibe but the options were slim. i really liked my old ones except for the fact that they bent very easily. oh well. i'm sure these new ones will be fine. i hope...